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Victor Levodeanschi



   Every businessman understands that conducting business activity in any part of the world begins with the understanding of the social, legal and economic fundamentals of a given place, information that can be provided only by competent and skilled professionals.

    Our team of highly qualified specialists is ready to provide you with all the necessary information that you might require in the pursuit of your business interests.

  We are ready to establish useful contacts between you and those who can provide solutions to your informational requirements in order to save your time and resources. 

  Our main pool of clients consists of foreign entities and citizens, who desire to start or have already launched business enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ucraina, Italia, Canada. Our services are also available to local customers, nationals of the Republic of Moldova.

  The purpose of our team is to identify the best specialists for your objectives on the basis of a solid knowledge of the intellectual and professional market ...                                                                                 

  We are ready to do everything within our possibilities to satisfy your needs by pointing to the most highly qualified professionals based on your business in Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ucraina, Italy. To this end, our experts are ready to accompany you and arrange all the necessary meetings.


                                 We can provide help whenever you need it 

                                            The principle of confidentiality

Victor Levodeanschi
Skype: v.levodeanschi

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