Victor Levodeanschi was born Moldova (Chisinau). He began his education in the German city of Wünsdorf at a local middle school and received his high school diploma in Chisinau. Later he attended the ULIM University, after which he received a degree in International Law at the Law Academy of the State University of Moldova. Faculty of International Law at the University of Padua (Italia).

After graduating from University, he worked as a lawyer, assisting a number of leading experts in the field. This experience has provided him with the necessary skills to understand the essence of this profession. He has also an extensive experience as an interpreter (Italian, Russian and Romanian).

Work experience - Austrian Association ''CONCORDIA''.

He continued his education in Genova, Italy, studying law-related subjects, such as international law, canonic law and globalization. 

Presently he leads the TORALEX Llc., which is a company with a wide area of services and possibilities.  Its main objective is to facilitate the interaction and dialogue between and among interested parties aimed at achieving efficient business outcome.

In particular, it offers assistance to persons with interests in Canada, Italy, Russia, Moldova, also in other regions; identification of best professionals, mainly lawyers, for settling issues at various levels; ensuring conduct of business on the basis of power of attorney; providing intermediary services, International Consulting.


   Father: Victor Levodeanschi, (1935 -1998) - Entrepreneur.
   Matheer: Nadejda Levodeanschi, 1940 -- Medic.

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