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Conducting business activity in any part of the world begins with an understanding of the social, legal and economic fundamentals of a given place - the kind of information that can only be provided by skilled professionals. The construction business is no different. Toralex knows that the construction business is stable, mature, and continuously evolving. There is so much effort put into research and implementation of technologies that would reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. Here at Consulting Victorious, we renovate single- and multi-family homes with ecologically-friendly materials and equipment, in a bid to create energy-efficient housing and minimize our carbon footprint through innovative technologies and advanced research.

Our goal is to provide low-maintenance, energy-efficient products of exceptional quality. Toralex is dedicated to building affordable housing that will run on sustainable energy and dramatically decrease the costs of maintenance. Our goal is to create a home that suits the needs of your family while reducing the impact on the environment and depletion of the world energy resources.

We are ready to do everything within our possibilities to satisfy your construction and renovation needs by pointing to the most highly efficient products based on your business demands in Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Italy. To this end, our experts are ready to accompany you and arrange all the necessary meetings.


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Victor Levodeanschi
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